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Alone is healing if you make it…

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things i want to get once i get settled into my new plaaacce.

Photo 16 Sep views like this are why I can’t stop climbing… I feed off adventure and natural beauty.

views like this are why I can’t stop climbing… I feed off adventure and natural beauty.

Photo 16 Sep oh man, how I miss this city… this state…

oh man, how I miss this city… this state…

Text 16 Sep Day 6: Five people who mean a lot

1. My Mother… I will love her forever and always without question.

2. My Father… the same goes.

3. My Pepe Paul… although he passed before I got to know him better. All I knew of this man was hope, strength, and wisdom. He dealt with multiple strokes, quadruple bypass surgery, and many other health issues, yet somehow had the uncanny ability to push on and maintain a healthy happy attitude. He used to just walk everywhere, all the time. He was the glue that kept my family together. He is my role model. 

4. Jarod. I know we’ve had our falling outs, but you’ll always be my brother… even if I don’t approve of what you do with your life… it’s your life and as a friend, I accept it not matter what. We could never not be best friends. 

5. this was hard enough, so the last goes out to all my closest friends over the years

Mario, Meghan, Josh M., Luke, Taylor & Tyler, Chris & Brooke J., The Kazpyrzak’s, Justin P. & G., all the Wynn-ers, the 167 posse, Sarah H. & K., Kristina, and so so many more… 

Text 15 Sep 1 note Day 5: Six things I wish I never did.


If I didn’t make all the mistakes and take all the crazy risks I’ve taken so far, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I like me… and I understand that everyone is an ever evolving enigma mentally, so going back and changing things would only mean I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to learn from these experiences. These experiences are what our lives are comprised of, all the stories and adventures…

…and the adventures really start when everything goes wrong. 

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i had a glimpse today back into my life from my 5-8th grade years. it made me want to throw this out there.
many of you are still in school, and if not, you have jobs, or you’re involved in SOMETHING where you’re around a group of people that you know, but maybe just on an acquaintances-basis. i just want to encourage everyone to look for that one person whos different. and by that, i mean the person who’s looked over, or maybe comes off a little shy or quiet, or maybe even seems straight up weird. if you haven’t reached out to them, just to say hello, or ask about a particular interest that you know you might have in common. it’s easy to get caught up in things going on in your own life & not take notice that maybe someone around you could use a just simple conversation.
in experience, i can tell you that in my younger years, i was probably seen as that ‘weird’ kid. i was an only child and i housed the craziest imagination with no one really to share it with. which was fine, i was oblivious to anything outside of my dream world usually, but i never quite understood why i didn’t have friends like most of the kids at school did. i think i set myself up for it, with my glowing alien necklaces & unicorn/fairy EVERYTHING, doing my hair just like gwen stefani did (not knowing you can only pull that off if you’re …gwen), buying clothes i thought might make them notice me, & making up stories that Reba Macentire was my Aunt just to have something that the other kids would want to talk to me about. hahah.
So without going on and on, I just want you to be the CHANGE, and go up to that person and say hello! The simplest things can be so huge. It’s hard to do that sometimes if you ponder it, so don’t think & just do it. Asking them just a couple simple questions about what they’re into or introducing them to one of your favorite bands or websites…just SOMETHING… might just make their whole year. And who knows, they might end up being awesome (usually i find they are ALWAYS the coolest & funniest people i’ve been blessed to encounter) and you’ll be so thankful for a new found friend.
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